About Jesus Today

Because all lives matter

About Jesus Today

There was a moment in your life when Jesus became real to you. In that moment, He changed from an icon, someone you knew from stories, to someone who suddenly became very personal. That moment made you realize that Jesus was real and that you could have a relationship with Him.

What was your experience and how did it impact your life? How amazing is it to share these life-changing moments with others? Everyone should know about it! That is what Jesus Today is all about!

People are searching for God. Does He really exist? How can I connect with Him? What can He mean for me? These are fundamental questions that many people struggle to answer. How do they find answers? Many people don’t have a Bible or go to church, but they do come into contact with you. People are looking for personal stories from you and me. Honest, vulnerable stories.

We believe that your stories can touch many hearts. A personal story from you can make others think about what they can’t see but is still there: His love, His help, His wisdom. All the things we are now grateful for and want to share with those around us.

Welcome to Jesus Today!

Why Jesus Today? Watch this video

Jesus Today was born out of a desire to bring people in contact with inspiring stories in a simple way. Extraordinary stories of ordinary people. Stories about Jesus. Who is this person to whom we owe the era. Why have we not spoken about him after more than 2000 years. And what is its impact today?

In 2010, after a crisis year on Christmas Eve, I (Alexander Keur) ended up in a church where I normally never came. Here was the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God celebrated. I had hardly any knowledge of the Bible, the church and Christian tradition and had here too many caveats and even prejudices. Something was triggered that night. You can hear it in my own story.

I had no idea where to turn with this new interest in my life. Everything is on it internet, so many different churches and organizations. Who could help me with this and where could I just get first-hand experiences. Just from people like me telling something about what they personally have with Jesus have been through.

Many people turned out who have a personal story about Jesus and wanted to share it. Thus we are together with a team of enthusiasts started this online platform.

We hope that these stories surprise you just like us!


Alexander Keur

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