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Can you remember? The first time you felt the love of Jesus? That warmth in your heart or the feeling that He carried you through tough times? That moment when you burst into tears, felt that intense joy, or experienced that supernatural peace?

There was a moment in your life when Jesus became real to you. In that moment, He changed from an icon, someone you knew from stories, to someone who suddenly became very personal. That moment made you realize that Jesus was real and that you could have a relationship with Him.

What was your experience and how did it impact your life? How amazing is it to share these life-changing moments with others? Everyone should know about it! That’s what Jesus Today is all about!

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A few months ago I mustered up all my courage and uploaded my testimony using the Jesus Today App. Within a few days, 100 contact cards were delivered to my house, each with a QR code linked directly to my video. I love handing out these cards to people that I meet and seeing their positive reactions. Thank you Jesus Today for providing this great tool!

- Marc Wilts

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